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   (C) by Michael Riedel

All Rights Reserved until it is officially adopted as the new flag of Montana.

Why called the Big Sky Flag?

Well, one of Montana's nicknames is "The Big Sky Country" and I want to create a state flag that captures that spirit that we Montanans have for our great state. My proposed flag will not represent any political party, ideology or group of people, it is to symbolize all of Montana and all it's people.

The symbolism in the Big Sky Flag?

The Big Sky Flag pictured above is a horizontal tri-color with three different shades of blue. This flag was designed in Corel Draw 13 and uses the *RGB model. The three colors make up the common colors as seen in the sky as follows...


- The dark blue:   *[R:24   G:0    B:122]  =>   represents the sky during the night

- The medium blue: *[R:19   G:109  B:187]  =>   represents the sky in transition

- The light blue:  *[R:145  G:217  B:255]  =>   represents the sky during the day

The Rationale?

Someplace read that the citizens of Montana were least likely to fly the Montana state flag and here is why; the current Montana flag was adopted in 1985 and according to NAVA's (North American Vexillogical Association) 2001 State/Provincial Flag Survey, the people (both the members of NAVA and the general public) ranked Montana's current flag among the 10 worst designs. As a Montanan, I think it is time to change the state flag for these reasons because the..


1.  is indistinguishable from 24 other state flags. (Can you find Montana's current flag right away and describe it in detail?)      ^-------------click the "indistinguishable" link to find it.

2.  is complex in its design. (who can make out or remember all the details from a distance?)

3.  with the letters and seal are reversed on the back. (in reverse, MONTANA says "ANATNOM")

4.  is more expensive to make. (complex designs cost more to produce)

5.  with its seal can't be seen from a distance. (seals are meant to be read up close like on letter heads)

6.  can't be reproduced in small scale like on a lapel pin. (seriously, can you read "Oro Y Plata"?)

7.  has the seal showing the Great Falls of the Missouri River. (how does this represent all of Montana?!)

8.  has the seal showing a shovel and pick. (Montana has a wealth of resources, but mining is fading)

9.  has the seal showing a plow (Montana has a rich agricultural tradition, but not ALL Montanans farm & ranch)

10. is not in conjunction with the 21st century. (The pick and shovel are reminiscent of the early 20th century)


1.  is unique. (so far I have found no other flag like it color-wise)

2.  is so simple that a child can draw it from memory.

3.  is attractive. (pleasing to the viewer)

4.  is less expensive to make. (flags fray and rip in the wind and should to be replaced)

5.  is highly visible. (all the colors can be clearly seen from a distance)

6.  can be reproduced on a small scale.

7.  is more symbolic.

8.  will not breach tradition. (a better one will develop and enhance tradition)

9.  will create unity and cohesion for Montana.

10. is rooted in our tradition but open to the future.

11. will cost nothing to replace the current flag.

Why change it now?

In 2014, Montana will hopefully be celebrating its 150th anniversary of becoming a territory in May 28, 1864 and the 125th anniversary of becoming a state in November 3, 1889. A new flag will be a great way to commemorate the occasion.

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How will it legally read?

Montana Code, Part 5 1-1-502.

State Flag. There is hereby established a state flag of Montana. The design of the Official State Flag of Montana shall be composed of three equal horizontal stripes of dark blue (top), medium blue (middle), and light blue (bottom). The symbolism of the flag is thus. It is a horizontal tri-color with three different shades of blue. This flag uses the *RGB model. The three colors make up the common colors as seen in the sky’s horizon as follows…

The dark blue:   *[R:24   G:0    B:122] => represents the sky during the night.

The medium blue: *[R:19   G:109  B:187] => represents the sky’s transition.

The light blue:  *[R:145  G:217  B:255] => represents the sky during the day.

Who designed The Big Sky Flag?

It was designed by me, Michael Riedel, who was born in and still lives in Billings, Montana. I'm an artist, member of NAVA and an amateur photographer. This design is copyrighted my me until it is officially adopted as the flag for the state of Montana by the Montana Legislator.

Where can we discuss this?

Discuss it on Facebook.